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People are at the heart of our success

We have been managing money with this long-term outlook for more than 10 years. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of active investment capabilities across global and regional equities, cash and fixed income, infrastructure and multi-asset solutions, all with a shared purpose to deliver sustainable investment success. We are dedicated to providing world-leading investment expertise and client solutions, led by our Principles of Responsible Investment and Stewardship.

We are a global asset management group focused on providing high quality, long-term investment capabilities to clients. We bring together independent teams of active, specialist investors who share a common commitment to responsible investment principles.

We create value for people and society by building strong and sustainable businesses

we deliver excellent investment service

As a reliable partner, we strive to deliver our clients' individual investment goals over the long-term. We combine our strengths to address client needs and actively manage their assets with utmost care. Clear convictions are a prerequisite for investment success. Our convictions are the result of our relentless in-depth analyses and calculations. We share our findings so that clients can invest with conviction too. Our experienced multi asset teams manage portfolios to support a broad range of investor needs.

We are committed to delivering leading-edge investment solutions that address their needs. Investing side by side with our clients makes us partners and aligns our interests. We manage our clients' assets actively and invest only if we are convinced that it will pay off in the long-term. We are driven by a single-minded focus: to provide disciplined, consistent and reliable investment strategies to help clients reach their long-term goals.